Winstar with more than 30 years of experience have more than 500 systems installed worldwide in countries as China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Dubai, Turkey, US and Mexico running by 1st tier Global makers, such as 3M, DuPont, Swanson Plastic, Rhyno group, Nanya Plastic , P&G Group.

The systems are installed on OEMS like Bruckner, Andritz, DMT, Polytype, COLINES, and many other OEMS who build machines for BIAX, Cast, breathable films, Foils, paper, nonwovens, copper foil etc.



Plastic industry: BOPP, BOPA, PP, PE, PET, PLA, TPU, Plastic films & sheets, optical film.

Fiber processing industry: Textile products, non-woven fabrics, fiberglass and paper mill.

Metalwork industry: Copper foils & plates, aluminum foils, stainless steel plates.

Electronics industry: Glass substrate, LCD, CCL (copper clad laminate), FPC, Prepreg

Multiple processing: i.e. process monitoring for coating, stamping, printing, exposure, etching, sputtering… etc


SYSTEM FEATURES: Automatic Surface Inspection System (Single Side Or Double Side) Integrated With High Performance CCD Camera (Multiple Up to 16), Digital Image Processing, Precise Optical Equipment & User Friendly Software For Defect Capturing And Analysis To Improve Yield Rate And Ensure Quality.

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