Brewster Angle Microscope

Non invasive, real-time imaging of monolayer films can easily be performed using the MicroBAM. This technique is useful for determining the homogeneity of compressed monolayer films, domain sizes, shapes, rigidity and packing behavior.

Brewster Angle Microscopes can be used in conjunction with a Langmuir Trough to examine films at various surface pressures. Applications include real-time monitoring of photochemical and polymerization reactions, phase separation studies and the detection of surface active materials.


KSV NIMA Stand-Alone MicroBAM is the ideal system for the visualisation of morphological film parameters. The system can be used with existing Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett Troughs as well as free standing vessels. It connects directly to the computer via USB making it easy to setup and use.

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