Dip Coaters

KSV Dip Coaters provide ideal solutions for paints, coatings, smart surfaces, electronics or biomaterials. Applications include uniform films, layer-by-layer assemblies, sol-gel coatings and self-assembled monolayer’s.

KSV NIMA dip coaters range from compact instruments for coating of small samples in a single vessel to more complex systems enabling horizontal and vertical movement for multi-vessel operations and coating of large samples.

Single Vessel Medium/Large


Single Vessel Small


Multi Vessel Small


Multi Vessel Medium/Large



  • Easy and flexible programming of dipping sequences and control of the immersion and withdrawal speeds. Dipping recipes can be stored in the PC for further utilisation.
  • Vibration free immersion and withdrawal of samples into the liquid vessels for precise and uniform coatings.
  • Open and flexible design allows simple optimisation to meet specific applications

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