Force Tensiometers

Attension offers state-of-the-art tensiometers that provide highly accurate measurements for research, development and industrial quality control. Our product range consists of optical and force tensiometers to cover any application requiring determination of static and dynamic contact angle, surface free energy, surface and interfacial tension, powder wettability, automatic Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC), surface roughness and interfacial rheology to name a few. Attension software is designed to extract the maximum information from every measurement with a minimum of effort and in an easy-to-use way.


Sigma 700/701 provide outstanding versatility with full computer control and a high level of automation. Accessory modules for dispensers, temperature and pH control can easily be mounted into the measuring unit. Special probes are available for density and wettability measurements as well as holders for fibres and plates. Software modules for specific measurements can be acquired separately. The Sigma 700 is suited for dynamic contact angle measurements of large or heavy solids and powder samples The Sigma 701 is similar but optimized for fibre measurements.


Sigma 702/702ET is open design instruments with water-jacketed holder for sample temperature control. Operation is controlled by a keyboard and results are displayed on an integrated digital screen. Available measurements are static surface tension, static interfacial tension, density and non-automatic critical micelle concentration.

Sigma 702ET is specifically designed for oil-water interfacial tension measurements to ASTM and IEC standards and includes specific oil-water measurement software.


Sigma 703D is the simplest force tensiometer with a manual stage. Results are displayed on the integrated digital screen and can be transferred to a computer. Accurate measurements of surface and interfacial tension of liquids are made by the DuNouy ring or Wilhelmy plate method. Non-automatic critical micelle concentration can also be conducted.