Qsense – Modules

Electrochemistry Module

The Q-Sense Electrochemistry Module, QEM 401, enables simultaneous Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring and Electrochemical measurements (EQCM-D) or QCM-D and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurements.


Ellipsometry Module

The Q-Sense Ellipsometry Module enables simultaneous QCM-D and ellipsometry measurements on the same substrate.



Flow Module

This standard Q-Sense flow module is included with the Q-Sense Explorer (previously Q-Sense E1) and Q-Sense Analyzer (previously Q-Sense E4) instruments.


Humidity Module

The Q-Sense Humidity module is designed to enable measurements of vapor uptake and release from thin films coated on the sensor.


Open Module

The Q-Sense Open Module is designed to enable direct access to the sensor surface required by some applications, e.g., pipetting of sample directly onto the sensor surface. The Open Module is also useful for quick adsorption tests or other experiments when flow conditions are not required.


Window Module

The Q-Sense Window Module allows optical access to the sensor surface through a sapphire window.


High Temperature Chamber

The Q-Sense High Temperature Chamber is an additional chamber that enables the QCM-D technology to be performed at an extended temperature range of 4-150 °C*.


ALD Holder

The Q-Sense ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) Holder is designed to enable QCM-D measurements in vacuum or gas phase.


PTFE Flow Module

The PTFE Flow module is suitable for flow or stagnant measurements where the reagents or molecules are sensitive to interactions with titanium. The PTFE Flow module is similar to the Q-Sense Flow module QFM 401 but the titanium flow part is here exchanged for PTFE (Teflon®-like).