Q-Sense Explorer

The versatile and modular QCM-D instrument for quantification at research laboratories.

Q-Sense Explorer is the versatile and modular instrument which enables endless experiment possibilities and the ability to combine QCM-D measurements with other techniques thanks to its compact design and exchangeable flow module. Other modules available includes window module, electrochemistry module, open module and more. See the full list of available modules. Apart from the raw data monitored in real-time, mass/thickness, viscoelastic
parameters, adsorption rates etc can easily be extracted from the analysis software.


The Q-Sense Explorer is a one-channel system with a removableq-sense-explorer-chamber-open-to-web flow module in which the sensor is placed. The instrument is compatible with all Q-Sensors. The flow module is easily placed in the measurement chamber and is kept in place by a magnet.

The module is connected directly to the liquid handling system which creates a q-sense-explorer-w-window-module-to-webcontrolled flow of sample over the sensor surface.