Laser Driven Light Source


A revolutionary single-light source technology   LDLS – Laser-Driven Light Sources .

LDLS Sources deliver Ultra bright   light and broadband range from 170-2100nm. These Lamps are more than ten times longer life than conventional Xenon arc and Deuterium lamps.

The Patented LDLS technology uses a CW laser to directly heat a Xenon plasma to the high temperatures necessary for efficient deep ultraviolet production, and to  create a small, high brightness plasma that allows efficient light collection, broad spectral range from the deepest UV through visible and beyond, and long lamp life.



  • Wavelength: 170-2100nm
  • Output Power:0.5W
  • Spectral Radiance:10mW/
  • Optical interface: window coupled
  • Cooling : Air Cooled


  • Wavelength: 190-2100nm
  • Output Power:80mW
  • Spectral Radiance:60µm/nm
  • Optical interface: Fiber coupled
  • Cooling: Air Cooled


  • Wavelength: 170-2100nm
  • Output Power:1.5W
  • Spectral Radiance:30mW/
  • Optical interface: Window coupled
  • Cooling: Water Cooled


  • Wavelength: 170-2100nm
  • Output Power:15W
  • Spectral Radiance:100mW/
  • Optical interface: Window coupled
  • Cooling: Water Cooled


<> 170 to 2100nm Wavelength coverage on a single light source.                   <> Very High brightness across the spectrum

<> Electodless operation for long lifetime,> 9000Hrs                                           <> Excellent Spatial and Power stability

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