High Power Dilution Refrigerator

Technical specifications of the CF-CS81 Models  CF-300/600/1000/1400/2000

  • Single pulse tube cooler. Room temperature to base temperature ~ 36 hours using liquid nitrogen pre-cooling
  • DR unit with 408mm mixing chamber plate
  • Up to two 81mm  and two 50mm clear shot tubes down to the 3K plate (one 81mm and one 50mm being standard)
  • Optional top-loading probes for quick sample change (81mm or 50mm sample space) ) -> 8 hours from room temperature to base temperature
  • System mounted on automatic lifting table
  • Magnets, thermometers and active vibration damping options similar to the CS110 system
CF-DR Models   Tmin (mK)   Q @100mK (µW)  Q @120mK (µW)
CF-2000 Maglev  <8  1400  2000
CF-1400 Maglev  <8  1000  1400
CF-1000 Maglev  <8  700  1000
CF-600  <9  430  600
CF-300  <12  200  380