Broadband OPO Lasers.

Radiant Series

Tunable from UV-VIS-NIR, Integration of  all components in one Single unit  make this product Rugged and Reliable for your  precise  research applications.

  • Tuning range :220-3450nm on different models
  • Energy: Up to 60mJ
  • Rep rate: 10 or 20Hz


Opollete  Series

An integrated turnkey tunable laser system. it is the most compact  system of its kind with a foot print of Only 7×12”

  • Tuning Range: 220 to 3450nm
  • Energy: Up to 12mJ
  • Rep rate: 20Hz


Phocus Series

A unique, dedicated OPO for Photoacoustic Imaging

  • Higher energy Upto 125mJ
  • Wavelength tuning from 690nm to 950nm
  • Access to 532nm,1064nm option
  • Fiber optic Bundle, for direct light delivery to biological tissue