AC / DC Resistivity

AC / DC Resistivity System allows the user to make Resistivity and Hall Effect measurements in the range of μΩ to MΩ in the high magnetic field and low temp.

Standard Resistivity and Hall Effect

The Standard Resistivity and Hall Effect system allows the measurement of two solid samples, one positioned parallel and one perpendicular to the magnetic field. Each sample socket has six contacts, and samples are mounted onto the probe using demountable sample holders.


Resistivity and Hall Effect Switching Option

We offer a special Interface Unit, which together with a Keithley Instruments switching unit, enables the user to change the configuration of the sample current and voltage terminals under software control. This option provides the added benefits of being able to switch between Resistivity and Hall Effect measurements on a single sample without having to remove the sample and rewire.

Multiple Sample Option

We offer a Keithley scanning unit, together with a special multi-sample probe end to enable simultaneous measurements of Resistance or Hall voltage on up to five samples. Samples are mounted directly on an electrically insulated probe.



Combined Multiple Sample and Switching

We offer a combined system including the Interface Unit and Keithley scanning unit which in addition to their individual features also allows the user to scan up to three samples whilst switching the current and voltage configuration. This provides the user with the most versatility and convenience when measuring multiple samples at one time.

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