Material Characterization

A new type of measurement system

  • For electronic, magnetic, and chemical materials research and characterization.
  • Uses THz-frequency energy and an integrated high-field cryostat to measure material spectroscopic responses across a wide range of frequencies, temperatures, and field strengths.
  • No special knowledge of THz optics required.
  • Fully integrated solution is ready to use and eliminates complicated optics setups typically associated with THz spectroscopy. Just load a sample and start taking measurements.

Support advanced materials research for breakthrough science

Characterizes properties of emerging electronic, magnetic, and chemical materials in next-generation applications, such as:

  • High-speed computing and communications
  • THz sensors and detectors
  • Photovoltaics
  • Organic electronics
  • Spin-based computing
  • Thin-film semiconductors

Performs spectroscopic response measurements to derive key material properties, including:

  • Dielectric constant
  • Dynamic conductivity
  • Carrier scattering times and mobilities
  • Vibrational resonances
  • Magnetic resonances

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