Gaussmeters/ Teslameters

F71 and F41 Teslameters

Perfect for measuring magnetic fields in a wide variety of applications, the new Lake Shore Cryotronics F71 and F41 teslameters with FP Series probes offer a new level of precision, convenience, and dependability.


  • TruZero™ technology eliminates the need to re-zero probes
  • Touchscreen interface is instantly familiar to smartphone owners
  • TiltView™ display makes the instruments easy to use whether bench- or rack-mounted
  • Smaller, ultra-thin Hall sensor active areas for improved accuracy
  • Multiple probe types to suit your application


Model 475 DSP Gaussmeter

The Lake Shore combined the technical advantages of digital signal processing with over a decade of experience in precision magnetic field measurements to produce the first commercial digital signal processor (DSP) based Hall effect gaussmeter, the Model 475. DSP technology creates a solid foundation for accurate, stable, and repeatable field measurement while simultaneously enabling the gaussmeter to offer an unequaled set of useful measurement features. The Model 475 is intended for the most demanding DC and AC applications. In many cases, it provides the functionality of two or more instruments in a field measurement system.


  • Full-scale ranges from 35 mG to 350 kG
  • DC measurement resolution to 0.02 mG
  • Basic DC accuracy of ±0.05%
  • DC to 50 kHz frequency range (probe-dependent)
  • 15 band-pass and 3 low-pass AC filters
  • Peak capture to 20 µs pulse widths
  • Data buffer sampling rates to 1000 readings per s
  • Computer interface sampling rates to 100 new readings per s
  • Integrated electromagnet field control algorithm
  • Standard probe included
  • Specialized and custom probes available
  • CE mark certification


Model 425 Gaussmeter

Designed to meet the demanding needs of the permanent magnet industry, the Lake Shore Model 425 gaussmeter provides high-end functionality and performance in an affordable desktop instrument. Magnet testing and sorting have never been easier. When used in combination with the built-in relay and audible alarm features, the Model 425 takes the guesswork out of pass/fail criteria. Additional features including DC to 10 kHz AC frequency response, max hold and relative measurement make the Model 425 the ideal tool for your manufacturing, quality control and R&D flux density measurement applications. For added functionality and value, the Model 425 also includes a standard Lake Shore Hall probe. Put the Model 425 gaussmeter to use with confidence knowing it’s supported by industry leading experts in magnet measurement instrument, sensor, and Hall probe technology.


  • Field ranges from 350 mG to 350 kG
  • DC measurement resolution to 4¾ digits (1 part of ±35,000)
  • Basic DC accuracy of ±0.20%
  • DC to 10 kHz AC frequency
  • USB interface
  • Large liquid crystal display
  • Sort function (displays pass/fail message)
  • Alarm with relay
  • Standard probe included
  • Standard and custom probes available
  • CE mark certification


Model 410 Hand-held Gaussmeter

This handheld gaussmeter is designed for accurate magnetic field measurements from 0.1 G to 20 kG (0.01 mT to 2 T). Most operating functions can be selected via the front-panel keypad with one or two keystrokes. The Model 410 displays in gauss or tesla, AC or DC values with resolution to 100 mG.


  • Ranges (Autoranging): ±200 G, ±2 kG, and ±20 kG ranges
  • Frequency response: DC and 20 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Resolution to 3½ digits (1 part out of ±2000)
  • Custom liquid crystal display
  • Accuracy: ±2% of reading
  • Handheld